Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Layout 68 - Out of the Hat!!

Our 'new' driveway we got done last week.

Our cute puss 'Tractor'

Out of the Hat June challenge

The one and only thing I created for the long weekend (and that was last night!!) was for my take on this months Out Of the Hat challenge. Criteria this month was multi photos (more than three), mixed alphas for title and staples and doodling. Go check out the new forum started this month.
Photo for you mum of our 'million dollar' driveway you heard about on the weekend.....well $2528.84 to be precise. Way better than it was, but considering I was expecting about $800 worth, for that money I want a freeway!!! Pretty sure Dad would have done way better!!
Andrew had Saturday off so I went up to the workshop to try and keep Rob under control....we left there about 3.30...then dunno what happened to the rest of the day?? Sunday we drove to Albury to see Al in hospital....he's in pretty good spirits considering they just took off three of his toes!! Yesterday we had a sleep in, went for lunch, helped out with some new tyres for some people that wouldn't have made it back to Melbourne. Came home, washed my Harley and then just had to get on and give it a burl....Rob came with me...YES his first ride since his hip replacement!! I couldn't get the grin off his face all night!!! Lol, it was only a short ride, but I bet there will be no stopping him now!!! Thanks for stopping by....cheerio...Pauly xx


  1. love your LO for out of the hat.... love your cute cat. driveway look great......

  2. He he he cute LO Pauly!!! Love it lots....hope that you are feeling much better....enjoy your weekend!
    Love Kathie