Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Me with a Macaw and Rob with a black cockatoo at Australia Zoo

OMG!! I still cant believe I held a python!! I was soooo scared!! Heavy buggar he was!!

Wrapped with these tiger pics!!

What can I say, he is beautiful!!!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!

Rob found a little friend!! LOL

At the aquarium. Best part of it!! (wasn't wrapped in that place)

Polar bear dug himself a pit!!

Polar bear at Seaworld. Watched him for ages!

How cute is he!!!!

Lizard at Australia Zoo, these were everywhere!!! Freaked me out to start with!!

Koala munching at Australia Zoo

Dophin at Seaworld. Love these beautiful creatures!!
Dophins doin tricks

Another dolphin

I adore these creatures!!!

Double beauty!!

Did I mention I love these animals!!!

Spectacular croc feeding show at Australia Zoo

In the avairy at Australia Zoo. Got up real close to this bird!!

Had a fantastic time, lots of photos....just showed you a few of my favourite!! Australia zoo was bloody awesome!!!! Would recommend it to everyone!! Spic and span, lots of hands on, great shows!!! Tribute to Steve, what a shame he left us so early!! Always love Seaworld!!!! Aquarium...well.....not overly impressed considering the entry fee! Met a great bunch of ladies at Cozzas scrap day, stayed for four and a half hours!! Was tickled pink to meet them all!! Coz sent me to a fantastic little stamping shop, stayed for ages and spent a fortune, Thanks Coz!!!! LOL. Ate tonnes of great food!!! We are going to eat healthy now and shed a few excess kilos!! Took me all day to catch up on the bookwork today, and back to work tomorrow. Two more days and Ski Inn is shop is opening on Sunday, and yes I'll be there for the opening!! Gotta try and catch a ride on my Harley, poor neglected thing has a flat battery!! Gotta try and scrap too!! Gonna be a very trying week!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stoppping by, hope you enjoyed my photo show....Pauly xxxx


  1. Those photos are just awesome Pauly. Hard to choose my fav :)

  2. WOW Looks like you had a wonderful time on your holidays...Love all the photos of the animals and your camera must be magic!!! Have to say I love the tiger licking his paw and the polar bear in the 2nd photo! These are great Pauly!!! Bet it was fun catching up with the girls!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

  3. Awesome PIcs!! Love those polar bear ones especially... everytime we go we only ever see them sitting on a rock!

  4. great pics pauly,glad you had a wonderful time!

  5. Love the pictures!! Pauly so glad to hear that you had a good time!! I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Friday night!! I'm hanging out to see what Miss Trudi is going to do!!!

  6. love all your favourite anim al is the doplphin...looks as tho you had mega