Saturday, October 10, 2009

Frame Project Completed!!!

COMPLETED!!!!! yay!!!

Woohoo!! Got the last two frames done Thursday night! All 'our kids'..had to put a few together to fit them all in, but thats cool. When they get a bit outdated, I'll do them all over again. These photos are all from 09 so won't need to update for a year or so. 2 sleeps to go!!!!!!!!! Best get off here and organise some accounts and packing!! Thanks for stopping by Paulyxx


  1. Wow! Pauly the frame looks amazing. Gorgeous work. Makes me want to go and get one too :)

  2. That is amazing Pauly!! You have done a stunning job!! That will be a great center piece in your home for a lot of years to come!!
    Enjoy you holiday!!!

  3. Oh WOW!!! Now I reakon I should find a place to put one of those lol! I have always liked them but after seeing what you have done to it I think I should find some room in my teeny tiny house for one of those frames!! Just GORGEOUS!!