Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 more frames and a layout.....

Collette, Ari and new baby Jamie. My take on the shabby chic challenge at the Challenge Chics.

What a productive weekend for a change.....Done bookwork Friday night and all day Saturday until 5pm. BAS, finalised 'end of month' and statements. Woohoo, another month out of the way!! Scrapped with Cass Saturday night and got four more of my frames done...2 to go (just need to pick the photos) and "Precious moments' an entry in the Challenge Chics Xmas Hamper challenge (Shabby Chic style) only my 2nd attempt at 'shabby chic', but far happier with this one than my first atttempt. Today we spent outside, mowing, snipping and took out three dead trees and tidied up. Havent quite finished, but it looks good so far. Man, I have muscles hurting that I didn't even know I had!!! OUCH!! Eight more sleeps until our holiday, I can't wait....(bit of doubt as to whether the Malaysia trip is going ahead, we find out Monday or Tuesday.....might have to leave our business and our daughter in Shaz and Andrews hands!) Anyway, must get to bed, thanks for stopping by......Pauly xxx


  1. More awesome layouts for your frame Pauly. This is going to look so good finished :)

  2. Very nice Pauly!!! I love these you will need to teach me how to do them!!!