Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9 Frames down, 6 to go!!

Just quickly pop these two frames up I did last night. None tonight I'm afraid as its that great time of the month again. Yay!! Up to my ears in statements and BAS. Ah well, the joys of it all.. Only 12 more sleeps until our holiday and then back to work in our brand new shop!! Woohoo!! Been watching the temps up in Brisbane, beautiful weather by the looks of it.


  1. These are all looking gorgeous Pauly :)

  2. love all the frames pauly, its looking great. weather has been not too bad up here, just hope the dust stays away for you. weve had dust storms seems to be easing now though

  3. lovely work aas usul!!!!hope it stays good for

  4. Hey Pauly!!! How you doing? Just letting you know that its my birthday soon and we are having a scrapping birthday party this coming Friday!! Can I twist your arm to come? Maybe? :) You know it won't be complete with out you guys!! Love the frames you have done!! Chat soon sweetie!!
    Love always