Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Silly season is here!

Took this this arvo from the front of home at 5.15pm. Got 17cm of snow last night, so we now have an average cover of just over half a metre! Wow. Not bad considering our first hit of snow was Saturday night, just on time for the opening weekend. Hope to get a better pic after work tomorrow as it is meant to be sunny temp. of 9, but sunny. So 'silly season' is officially here. I feel tired thinking about it!! Catch ya soon. Pauly xx


  1. wow Pauly it must be Magical to see that view every day snow or not I so love the mountains
    hope everything with the shed is going well
    love the the lo.....oxo

  2. How gorgeous does that look Pauly. Both you and Vicki have managed to make me feel very cold today with your pics.....LOL

  3. hey there, Thanks heaps for your comment it meant heaps. I love your view, I have never seen snow IRL so am a bit jelous, however I hate the cold, and it would mean being very cold to see it, so I am happy to look at peoples pics.
    Take care