Monday, June 8, 2009


This was taken on 28th May...shire permit through!!!

Taken 1st May, woohoo walls and a door!!

Yesterdays fun!
4 loads. Wood splitter is a blessing!!

My one and only LO for the weekend! A online collage class run by Deb at Debs Challenge Chics. My first go at collage. This week Deb is doing a boy collage class, and then maybe I'll be confident enough to have a go myself!!
As you can see we had to get wood yesterday. We got 4 loads in one hit. Three trays and our trailer. Took us two hours out there to cut and load and we split it when we got home. Those wood splitters are 'Ants Pants'!!! OMG, I can't ever remember being this sore!!!!!!!!!! Muscles aching that I didn't even know I had!!
Finally getting some progress with our shed, will be a blessing when we finally get in there. Truck tyre changer and racks are organised and paid for. We just have to give the suppliers a hoy when the shed is done. Hopefully next week (fingers crossed). Since the last photo, we have a roof, a side door and two sliding doors. Power and phone has been done ( I think...) I think all we need now is the concrete!! YAY!!
Weather is cold, wet and miserable! Top temperature forecast for this week is 9 degrees. Wow.
I believe there is a fair whack of snow on our mountain and it is forecast to snow down to 900mtrs tonight. I worked today and it was quiet in the morning until about 11am and then BANG!, we were flat knacker for the rest! Went down so well with the aching bones!
OK, enough rambling for one day...Thanks for stopping by. Take Care...Pauly xx


  1. Love your collage Pauly. Gorgeous, gorgeous

  2. lots happening around here...better check out my blog