Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She's finally scrapped.......

Scraphappys Friday Night Challenge - Cody on his new Go-Go on Xmas Day

Krystal on her 12th Birthday
Got a lot of pages to do for Krystals album....picked it up the other night and I only have about 4 pages in her album....Slack!! At one page a year from birth, I only got about ten years to catch up on!! I can't believe after my dry spell that I got 2 done in 2 nights!!! Mojo creeping in SLOWLY..... Thanks for stopping by  Pauly xx


  1. Very gorgeous Miss Pauly!! Wahoo glad to see that mr mojo is back in the house again!! YAY...see ya Friday....
    Love Kathie

  2. you still got it....love both the LO's....loved doing the frame last night real happy with how it turned out..oxo

  3. they are both beautiful...i have been a bit remiss in the scrapping region lately...life happens...what can you do...have a great weekend...xxx