Monday, January 31, 2011

Scraphappy Challenge and...........

Scraphappys Friday Night Sketch Challenge - Boy colours and bling with no flowers.

Krystal and I on her birthday, more masking and misting.

From me to me, another butterfly for my collection!!

From me to me. Wishing well for my garden (of stones, lol)

Got five minutes before I start spoilt for my another gold ring from Rob, Krystal and Shaz (and my voucher from Xmas from Tack). $100 cash from Tack with a card to tell me he wants to see what I buy myself with it so I don't waste it!!! Black buddah baby ornaments from Rob, butterfly  candle holder and candles from Cass. Happy mail with little gift from Karen today..THANX. A BBQ tea - Tack cooked, Krystal done salads and Rob cleaned up (wish it was my birthday every day!!!!!) And the two gifts I got myself above!!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes too. OOps gotta run....HUGE week of work ahead!!!!!!!! Grrr....takes up too much scrappin time!!!! See Ya Pauly xx

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  1. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your pretty butterfly and I adore you LO's....clever girl....look forward to seeing you this Friday honey....Mwah
    Love Kathie