Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OMG....the water!!!

The bottom of our road....botanical park is under water (over behind the give way sign)

and again....the walking path on the left....

Rob in the corner of our paddock, you usually cant even see the creek from here!

the horses in the paddock next to us and our poor neighbours house.
 In our nine years in this house, I have never seen this much water!! I only just made it home at 5.15...packed my dacks driving through the water as I could feel the current pushing me across. Tack tried to get through at 5.30 and couldn't, he turned back and then the police blocked the road off. The bridge on our edge of town went under water. Krystal was at work and her boss rang me and said he was shutting the shop early so his staff could get home. Krystal is staying with him tonight. Rob got home the long back way in his 4 wheel drive, but we get much more rain and that way might be a no go too! Hope it goes down overnight or this little duck wont get to work in the morning!! Hope you are all safe and dry, thanx for stopping by....Pauly xx

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  1. That's a lot of water Pauly!!! So glad that your all safe!! Looking forward to a break but will be missing you gals heaps
    Love Kathie