Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just in the nick of time........

Made my three grandkids a Xmas keepsake, just got it done in time as the Xmas countdown begins today!! I have used the photos from their first Xmas's, so the blank white spot is waiting for one of Emmas first Xmas. I just added their names and year since I took the photo this morning. Tried to find wrapped Xmas lollies this morning at the supermarket, but all I could find was the gold coin chocolates so Shaz is finding some treats for the rest of the drawers in Wangaratta today. Hope they enjoy this for years to come!! TFL.
Off to work now....Pauly xx


  1. Oh don't remind me I have done day 3 whoops maybe next year.
    Love how you have personalised it with their faces

  2. I love it Pauly....I've done 4 of them now, sold 2 and 2 as gifts.....only 5 to go :D
    Love Kathie