Sunday, April 18, 2010

Layouts 41 & 42

Krystal...just because......
Lexies class from Friday night......Thanx it!

Yay, Thursday, I finally did a layout 'just because'!! Mojo called in for a little visit! Friday I took Robs Harley out for a spin just to give it a bit of a run. Jacqui and I rode over to Benalla, had some lunch and then I came back to take mine out and she wouldn't start...mmm flat battery! Have to get it on charge and take her out too, they been sitting too long!! Then Friday night, off to Seymour for Lexies class, like it heaps thanks Lexie!! Saturday morn up early and off to Greta for Netball. What a long day...Krystal was on roster to score A grades game, so we were there till stumps! Got home at bout 6.30 and I am aching from head to toe (dont think I'd better leave it that long and then hop on a 'big boys' bike I've decided) I was asleep by 7.30 last night and up at 7 this morning (Sunday!!!!!) I am still aching all over and so excited about that as we are going to get wood at 10!! GRRR. Anyway, enough whining.....I outa here....Pauly xx


  1. I'd be whining to Pauly!! Am not very well and I'm aching from head to toe too, but mines a bad cold and a temperture....feel awful really....BUT this week is gonna be awesome girlfriend....Have an easy day at work tomorrow...
    Love Kathie

  2. Hi Pauly, I feel for you,with all ur aches n pains, they say the best cure for aching muscles is do more of the same, don'they,
    Love those 2 LO's, especially #1 (remember mothers day is next month, hint, hint)if you want any more of those butterflies, I have done a heap more, different colours & sizes.
    Our girl is growing into a beautiful young lady,isn't she, that hair style & colour really suits her.

  3. Yikes - sounds far too active for me! Hope Rob is doing well!!