Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 Layouts to share

Me with Lisa K..Yay, I finally got too meet her...what a lovely lady she is! All the girls I met at Cozzas scrap day in Brisbane were!!! This layout was the one I did for Trudi Harrisons Class last night at Kathies. Poor Trudi didn't make it up as she hit a kangaroo on the highway on her way up and was too shaken to continue on, so her hubby came to her rescue (she was 20 minutes from home luckily) and then brought the stuff up onto Seymour so we could go on with the class. Hope you okay Trudi! We got through it..was still a good night, just felt bad for Trudi. Thanks heaps for the great layout and new technique we learnt. Seed beads....mmm dunno if I would use them again, but its always good to learn new stuff!!

This one I done Thursday night in Skyes online class she ran to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.We just had to make a donation to the cause and join in on the online class. Skye exceeded her goal and was pretty happy with that. Good onya Skye!! Enjoyed your class and pretty happy with my layout. These are all the lovely ladies I met while on holidays except for Emma and Star. Star had to leave early and Emma is behind the camera. I wish I had of taken more photos!!! If only we could sometimes rewind!! Anyways thanks for stopping by for a peek, but its end of month and I should be into my bookwork.....very easily distracted!!! Bye for now Pauly xx


  1. Ha ha yep who wants to do bookwork when you can scrap??? thanks for coming last night...I had a blast!! Trudi rang me today and she is fine now. Just gave her a bit of a shock!! Never mind she will be back next year with a new class!! Lots more cutting out I'm sure!!! :) :) :)
    Love ya gal

  2. loveyour pages...that large butterflyis devine... taked

    Woooohoooooo lm going to get to meet some of these girls in feb,Cant wait...its nearly here.
    Cass xo

  4. Wahoo- I thought that looked like me!! LOved meeting you too Pauly - awesome !!!!!
    ANd we get to do it again!! YAY

  5. Hey There Pauly,
    Your layout is just FANTASTIC - Well Done
    Sorry I missed catching up with you again on Friday night - hope to again early next year
    Take care

  6. gorgeous Pauly!so happy you got to meet the goldie girls,all wonderful,so are you!!