Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scraphappy LO's and ATC

Me.....with the leftovers from Kathies LO

Kathies class. Krystal and her friend.

Farmyard Animal ATC.

Cass and I headed over to Seymour again Friday night and we did the LO with friends on it. Love it thanks Kathie. The other purple one is what I did with the leftovers. I also redid my Farmyard animal ATC as I wasn't happy with my first one (I loved the pic on it but I didn't feel like i 'did anything' on it) so heres my 2nd attempt. Sooo looking forward to Trudis class over at Kathies next Friday night!! We got a sneak peek of Trudis class on Kaths blog Pop on over and take a peek.... Thanks for stopping by....Pauly xx


  1. So glad that you are having fun!! I really loved that purple LO to, guess that is a good thing hey!! Will be looking forward to a bacon and egg breakfast again on Saturday morning!!! Guess what??? Pete will be the cook for us as he has the day off!!! OR maybe we can cook for him......nah
    See you Friday lovely lady!!

  2. Hey you got the link thing!!! Wahooooooo

  3. Love the LO's Pauly and that ATC is way cute!