Sunday, August 30, 2009

ATC, collage & blind challenge.

This is Tack on his 18th birthday with a drinking helmet someone gave him. It held two cans on top and you drink from the straws! The layout is one of Debs online collage classes. This is my third collage class and I love them. You wouldn't believe the hours that go into these collages!! Thanks Deb, whens the next one?? LOL.

This one is my grandson Lucas last weekend in the car on the way home from Batlow. What a dude!! Little man is one tomorrow!! This is his last monthly page for his album I made for his birthday. I done the same for Cody. They have a layout for each month from birth to one and now I will do a page every birthday until whenever. Then when they are 21 its all done!! Instead of trying to do a complete album at 21 like I did with my children. Tack is still waiting and he is nearly 22!! The layout was done for Uproars new challenge blog U2S. (Vickis Blind challenge.)

This ATC is for a little local swap. It was my turn to pick a theme and I chose 'white on white' The same as the challenge I set for the challenge chics cybercrop a few weeks back ...and the entries were stunning!! Pretty amazing how many shades of white there is!! Well thats it for me this weekend, I have to get off here and do accounts and statements....a day early but its way to hard to do them on a week night. End of month should only ever fall on a weekend so I can cope!!! LOL. Thanks for stopping by Pauly xxx


  1. love the pages and angelic looking atc...take carexxx

  2. Love that ATC!! Haven't gotten around to mine yes as I have been really ill with the flu.....not impressed I can tell you!!

  3. Nice work, you are loving the collage pages hey. Q; why do you call that boy of yours Tack.

  4. A; Short for 'Long Tack' cos he is sooo tall and built like Storky. His workmates nicknamed him that four years ago and it just stuck.