Sunday, June 28, 2009

8 new layouts!!

The last two Friday nights Cass and I have been over to Seymour to Kathies to attend her crop nights and classes. These layouts are all from Kathies kits and we still have plenty left over!! We really enjoyed Kathies nights and sure we will do plenty more! The drive home this time was a lot clearer than last week...the only bit of fog was in Bonnie Doon. Both weeks we have missed our regular Saturday night scrapping nights as we were too buggared! But we got a lot more done at Kathies than we normally do!! Thanx heaps Kathie, you are wonderful!!

I spent yesterday cleaning house and then cleaning up rest of 'stuff' from last weekend. The Harleys finally have there home back and they are sooo happy and so am I!! Trimmed back all my standard roses. Just a little bit more to clean up next weekend and then our home is back to normal! Yay! Rob is tickled pink with his new shed and loves his new toy! I had to watch last night while he tackled a big tyre that he had been belting and bashing for four hours over a week or so....took five minutes on the new machine!!! Its gonna save his body big time!!! Thanks for stopping by....Pauly xx

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  1. Fantastic Lo's Pauly!!! I'm loving your take on the kits!!! WOW..... Glad Rob is enjoying his new toy and that it will protect his body and make things easier in the long term!!